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Tyler Bachewich - Production Engineer


Tyler Bachewich has over 15 years experience in broadcasting, recording, promotion and marketing. In addition to launching and programming a commercial FM radio station in 2000, Tyler has voiced and produced hundreds of commercials for television and radio clients throughout the United States and Canada. Tyler's voice has helped Kroger sell groceries, Harley Davidson sell motorcycles, and most recently has helped Verizon Wireless. Tyler's Carpet One television commercials are seen across the country, as are his tornado readiness television commercials for the National Safety Council. His resume also includes various projects for Fox Sports Radio.

Tyler is also experienced as a marketing mind and creative thinker. Retail-based marketing promotional campaigns have included work with Dick Clark Production and the American Music Awards, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The View, and Universal Studios. Campaigns have also included large prize contests for RVs and cars as well as hundreds of thousands in cash related marketing and promotional campaigns. Tyler is proud to have done radio shows on over a dozen radio stations in 15 years and is fortunate to have broadcasted from Mexico, the US and Canada. After a visit to Minot in 2006 he quickly took advantage of joining the great team at IMI/99 On-Hold.

Tyler and his wife, Tracy, have two chldren. Their son, David, is in grade school and loves ice hockey, and their daughter, Liberty, started school in the fall of '08. They enjoy travel and can often be found visiting the Roosevelt Zoo in Minot.

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