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Kathrin Volochenko from Kief, ND
Hello Anamoose!!
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Kevin McAteer from Mulberry, Florida
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Russell Becker from Morganton, North Carolina
Every few months, I access the Anamoose website to see what is happening in my hometown. Things have changed so much since 1965 when I graduated. It is great the way the citizens have come together to keep the community thriving! I wish I was able to visit my brother (Leroy) more often! I like to come back to the farm and do some work--it makes me appreciate how good I have it not doing farm work! LOL!
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Cheryl Baker from Layton, Utah
Stopping by to wish everyone happy holidays. Hi Aunt Sandy & Uncle Ron!! Merry Christmas!
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James Chapek from murrieta, California
Made a quick drive through Anamoose. Stopped at the Catholic Cemetary to pay my respects to family. Went on to Cavalier for Deer hunting. Enjoyed growing up in Anamoose and think of it all the time. Jim
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Myron Senechal from Bismarck, ND
Interested in a contact familiar with crating items from Diamond willow shrubbery. Thank you in advance
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Anamoose will always be home for me, my Grandfather John Peerboom was and will always be my John Wayne and Jerome was a huge influence and still is to this day to always make me feel that way..will always love all of you !!
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Marc Bancroft from Fargo, ND
My mother was born in Anamoose. Her maiden name was Phyllis Knalson. Glad to read that you can see still see Buffalo roaming !
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Mona Thorpe from Portland , Oregon
I am looking for information on where my GreatGrandparents homestead was..Their names were William W and Millie Shook. Is there someone whom might know? Thankyou Mona
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Roanne Thingvold from Willow City, ND
Anamoose will always be home...I am very lucky to have grown up in such a wonderful little town!
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James Oswald from Brownsville, Tennessee
Enjoyed reading about the history of Anamoose.
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