Customer Survey

This is a short client survey that will allow customers to provide feedback, Please tell us what you think of Image Marketing. All information entered is strictly confidencial, and will only be used for Image Marketing research & development only.

1. How did you learn of Image Marketing?

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2. Please rate how well we have served you...

The speed of receiving your messages and/or on-hold equipment?

The ease of installing the Image Marketing System?

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The overall satisfaction with Image Marketing?

3. Did your business previously have an on hold message system?



If you answered yes to question 3, tell us how Image Marketing compare?

4. Please relate any comments or feedback you have received about your new on-hold message program provided by Image Marketing.

5. If you have any suggestions for additional services/topics you feel should be added in future message collections, we would value and appreciate your input.

6.Tell us about yourself?

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