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Equipment Options

USBi Messager  

MP3 Flash Drive Player 

The Messager® USBi is a digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for message on hold and background music. Messages are loaded from a standard USB flash drive to the unit’s internal memory. Once loaded, the USB flash drive can be removed for added security.

5 Year Warranty

VersaPlay E10

Email Audio

The VersaPlay E10 unit is an interactive email message on hold system with auto-restart feature and scheduling capability.

We send audio directly to the unit. When you receive the player, it is plug and play - nothing to load or configure. VersaPlay is IT user-friendly with no open ports and no local area network presence. 

3 Year Warranty

Hybrid 7600

Ethernet Connection or USB Flash Drive

The Hybrid 7600 player receives audio uploads via Ethernet connection or USB flash drive. This state-of-the-art player is ideal for applications that require audio distribution over an IP network to multiple locations. New on hold updates can be uploaded through the customer's Local Area or Wide Area Network (WAN).

3 Year Warranty